Who can submit a referral :

If patient is inpatient and an active duty service member: see service member’s Case Manager.
If patient is inpatient and a dependent of a service member: see Social Work.
If patient is outpatient: please contact Fisher House Staff.

If out patient is assigned or attached to WTB,  a WTB Memorandum and appointment list is required and must be completed before an exception to policy will be considered.


A referral is NOT a reservation –  Rooms are available on a medical priority basis; therefore, we recommend you have a backup plan for your lodging needs.  Backup arrangements can be made through a local hotel.  Each patient is limited to one room, and each room has a maximum occupancy of  either two or four people depending on the room. When the house is at full-occupancy, we will maintain a waiting list.   All families that stay at the Fisher House must abide by house policies, which can be found Rules and Guidelines.

To access the online referral application, click the following link: Referral Form

Eligibility Qualifications

  •  Patient must be a military ID card holder; either a retired, active duty or reservist/National Guard member on orders or family member. VA patients are also eligible.
  • The patient must be receiving care at any one of the medical facilities in the area.
  •  Family Members staying at the Fisher House (FH) must be visiting an inpatient (staying overnight in the Medical Facility). Exceptions to policy may be approved on a case by case basis by the manager. Exceptions include outpatients or any elective type procedures and require additional paperwork. The process may take three to five days.
  • A patient can never stay at the FH alone. They must be accompanied by a non-medical attendant at all times who is able to care for themselves and is not in a patient status.
  • Family Member must reside more than 50 miles away (please see General Information for location information)

Only the FH Manager can make exceptions to the eligibility policy.  If you have questions regarding an exception, please contact the Manager. Placement will not be authorized until FH Manager has verified family eligibility.

All referral requests must be complete prior to consideration for placement.  Outpatient placements require an exception to policy; this process may take 3-5 business days and may require additional paperwork submitted. If the request is not for a same day placement, please allow one to two business days for a staff member to contact you.