The harmony of the house is above all other management concerns.  Common courtesy, mutual respect and cooperation are the foundation for communal living.  Should you have questions regarding the operation of the house or an issue with another guest, please come to the Management immediately.

Additionally, understanding and implementing the following rules and guidelines will ensure a safe and peaceful experience for all Fisher House guests:

  1. Firearms, fireworks,  gasoline, and/or explosives are not permitted inside or on the grounds of the Fisher House.
  2. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted inside or on the grounds of the Fisher House.  Alcoholic beverages will not be stored inside the Fisher House.
  3. No smoking is allowed in the Fisher House.  By Washington state law, outdoor smokers must be at least 50 feet away from all doorways.
  4. Office staff must be notified of any nights the room will be vacant. Failure to notify office staff may result in removal from the Fisher House.
  5. Pets are not  permitted inside or on the grounds of the Fisher House.  Do not feed the raccoons.
  6. Army Fisher House Program policy prohibits any patient care at the Fisher House.  If an outpatient is staying at the Fisher House it MUST be pre-authorized by the manager.  Anything besides oral medications must  be discussed with Manager prior to authorization given.  Failure to do so may result in removal from the Fisher House.
  7. The lodging provided at the Fisher House is for  families of patients. With pre-authorization outpatients may be able to stay with their family. However, they may never be left alone in the Fisher House.
  8. Management and Housekeeping staff has access to all guest rooms and may enter during the day in order to deliver mail or attend to matters pertaining to the upkeep of the house (e.g. plumbing or electrical work).  While management & housekeeping will always knock and announce their presence before entering, we reserve the right to enter when needed, as deemed appropriate by the Manager.
  9. Children are the sole responsibility of their parent or guardian and must never be left on the premises without a parent or guardian. Children under the age of 10 must be under direct supervision of an adult (16 years or older) family member at all times.
  10. Keys are to be in possession by a room guest who is over the age of 18. There is a $5.00 charge for lost keys.
  11. Any items in the room that are damaged or missing upon check out will be charged a replacement fee. A list of the cost of each item is available upon request.
  12. Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm-8:00 am daily.  Guests may be in common areas of the house during these times but are asked to speak quietly and keep volumes low.
  13. Guests and visitors must be appropriately dressed while  staying at, or visiting the House.  Shirts, shoes and/or slippers must be worn at all times in public areas.  Night wear may be worn outside guest suites provided a housecoat or robe is also worn.
  14. Overnight guests must be registered with the Fisher House Staff.
  15. Guests are responsible for maintaining the  individual cleanliness of their assigned rooms and cleaning up after themselves after use of common areas.  Mattress covers must be used on beds at all times.
  16. Windows must be kept closed at all times.
  17. Persons with chicken pox, measles, tuberculosis or  other contagious diseases will be excluded from the Fisher House. Guests  must inform staff immediately when they develop these diseases during  their stay.
  18. Keep outer doors closed and locked at all times.  Never grant admittance to anyone you don’t know.
  19. Absolutely no food or beverages (except water) are  allowed in the guest suites. Storage of all food and drink must be done in the kitchen.
  20. Violations involving violence or illegal activities will require immediate eviction and The JBLM Military Police will be  notified to handle the eviction and the possible prosecution of the  infraction.

Grounds For Immediate Removal From the Fisher House:

1. Anger, hostility, or demand for preferential treatment.

2. Smoking or drinking alcohol in the house.

3. Intentional damage to the house or its furnishings.

4. Loud noise or improper language.

5. Removal of property from the house.

6. Sexual misconduct.

7. Unauthorized use of rooms or unauthorized guests in rooms.

8. Gambling, soliciting, vending and selling merchandise.

9. Use of weapons, illegal drugs or alcohol.

10. Not complying with the rules established for the Fisher House guests.

11. Actions that are  not in the best interest of the other guests or the Fisher House.