I Want to Help!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Joint Base Lewis-McChord Fisher House! The Fisher House depends on our volunteers and voluntary support to enhance daily operations and program expansion. We offer different types of volunteer activities with flexible hours. Activities include:
  • Preparing meals for Fisher House guests
  • Volunteer positions (Must be registered in VMIS)
  • Projects around the Fisher House (Must be registered in VMIS)
  • Community events – table top and briefings (Must be registered in VMIS)

JBLM Fisher House offers 24 hours of child care for volunteers who log hours in VMIS, and have their child(ren) registered with JBLM Child and Youth Services. Fisher House also gives awards to volunteers for their generous service. To register on the Volunteer Information Management System please read:  VMIS Quick Start Guide and the step by step instructions to register.

Office Volunteers

If you are interested in coming into the house to assist with a variety of tasks, please check out the available Office Volunteer shifts at
www.mealtrain.com/fisherhouse-jblm. Please register with VMIS prior to signing up. If you have never volunteered at the Fisher House before and this will be your first time, please contact the office to ensure someone will be available to do your initial volunteer paperwork.

Event Volunteers

Throughout the year there are opportunities to represent the JBLM Fisher House.  Community, deployment and fundraising events are staffed primarily by volunteers like you.  Once you have registered in VMIS as an event volunteer, you can go to www.mealtrain.com/fisherhouse-jblm to view upcoming event volunteer opportunities.


All meals are scheduled through www.mealtrain.com/fisherhouse-jblm.  Creating a personal user account on meal train allows you to select which date works best for you. Once you select a date and sign up for it, we receive email notification that the meal is scheduled and then you will receive a reminder email the day before the scheduled meal.    It is greatly appreciated if you could post your menu so that we can avoid duplications of meals.  Also if you have to cancel your meal for any reason, please follow the instructions with in www.mealtrain.com  so that we receive notification and are able to sign someone else up. Coming home to a hot meal after a long day at the hospital can bring a great deal of relief to a family.

Our families come from a variety of backgrounds. The one thing they have in common is a loved one with a serious illness or condition. Many of our families are under a great deal of stress and appreciate coming back to the House after a long day for a home-cooked meal. It is important to understand that family schedules are varied and unpredictable. Families may be unable to return for dinner or brunch, but will be able to enjoy the leftovers.


Our House must be concerned with communicable diseases because we have patients staying here with suppressed immune systems. Common communicable diseases can be life threatening for these individuals. If you are sick or have the possibility of being sick please call the Fisher House staff and reschedule to another day.


The recommended time to have dinner ready is 4:00 pm; brunch can be served any time from 9:00 – 2:00.


Suggestions for meals are beef, chicken, pork, casseroles, sub sandwiches, homemade soups, and baked potato bar. Also meals with a theme: Italian Night, Mexican Night, Chinese Night, Pizza Night, etc. Ideas for brunch are egg casseroles, pancakes, French toast, fresh fruit, etc. We encourage your creativity, as we tend to have an abundance of spaghetti, lasagna, and taco meals. Think about what you do best, your special dishes, and those for which you receive compliments. Your menu does not need to meet any dietary restrictions. It should be balanced, though, with vegetables, bread and dessert. The families usually have their own milk, juice, or pop. However, you are welcome to bring beverages. If your group is on a restricted time schedule, you are welcome to prepare the meal at your home or workplace and deliver to the Fisher House ready to serve.


The Fisher House serves 7 families with an average of at least 2 people per room. Since the number of people change day-to-day, it is safe to assume that you will be serving 10 – 14 people. Please understand our families have different, unpredictable schedules subject to frequent changes. They are not always able to make it back in time for brunch or dinner. Leftovers are placed in the refrigerators for families to enjoy when they return from the hospital. Setting Up, Serving, and Cleaning Up It is important to include enough time in your schedule to help set up, serve, and clean up. We have all the necessary pans, dishes, silverware, etc. You are welcome to bring paper plates or plastic ware. Our kitchen is equipped with range, microwave, sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator. All left over’s must be placed in seal-able plastic storage containers labeled with contents and date. If a meal is brought and dropped off, the food must be in sealed plastic storage containers, labeled with contents and date.


Please park in the side parking lot or in the back parking lot.  You may enter in the back through the kitchen or the front door. Our facility is a secure facility so you will need to ring the doorbell for a staff member to allow you access. If you know what time you will arrive, it is best to let the staff know ahead of time. Download a Word document of this information. Thank you again for your interest in donating your time, effort and talents. Your kindness makes the Fisher House truly “Home Away From Home”.