JBLM Wishlist 2019

The local community is incredibly generous in supporting the houses.
Items that we cannot accept at this time: 

  • expired or opened food
  • used toys & games
  • stuffed animals
  • puzzles
  • VHS tapes
  • clothing
  • glue, scissors, paint, glitter and play dough
  • coloring books & crayons

Please assist us by checking the items you would like to donate and remove the items we cannot accept. 

Food Items 



Sausage and Bacon

Cooking Oil 

Lemon Juice  

Veggies (frozen)

Assorted Juice 

Single Serve: Ketchup, Mayonnaise, and Mustard packets

Ritz Crackers

Snack Foods (must be single serving size)

Salad Dressing (assorted single serve) 



Pancake Mix & Syrup

Coffee Creamer – Shelf Stable individuals

Tea Packs (assorted)


Single Serve Juice


Peanut Butter

Single Serve Jelly/Jam

Assorted pasta noodles (single serve)

Pasta sauce

Ramen Noodles

Frozen meals

Frozen pizzas

Soft drinks


Misc. Items:

Postage Stamps

Gas Gift Cards

Grocery Gift Cards (Local Grocery Stores)

Fabric Softener Sheets

Trash Bags (large and small)

Magic Erasers

Dishwasher Gel Packs

Disposable Utensils (Forks & Spoons) 

Hot Drink Cups to go

Plastic Cups 

Plastic Plates

Tupperware (assorted sizes) 

Pledge all purpose spray

Fabric Spray

Dish Detergent

Lysol Spray

Lysol Wipes

Razor (Women)

Razor (men)


Bulk Liquid soap

Travel Shampoo

Travel Conditioner

Travel Deodorant 

Travel Toothpaste

Shaving Cream (Travel Size)